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I'm just a guy who likes to draw pictures, play guitar, and sing. This is my online home to share my creative endeavors.


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View - Custom Guitar Strap

This custom guitar strap for my firend Sean was the first project that I designed from start to finish myself. I made it so it can be sized on the fly, and I created the cool color by dyeing the leather in day-old coffee.

Here, I've drawn a pattern and etched it into the moistened leather.

The next step was carving and beveling the pattern with a swivel knife and leather tools.

One tricky bit was getting the sizing strap right. You can see I had to make it twice.

And here's the final product. I'm pretty proud of how this turned out.


Audio clips of songs I've recorded...

Yes, you're free to download and enjoy these. It'd be cool if you don't credit someone else for the work, of course...

View - Cover Songs

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right · Bob Dylan

Hallelujah · Leonard Cohen

Peaceful Easy Feeling · Jack Tempchin (as performed by Eagles)
First attempt at recording harmony over my existing vocal track

Immigrant Eyes · Guy Clark


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